First Party Receivables
Management Solutions

The key to success is delivering results, while keeping customers for life.

First party receivables management solutions

CCI works with you to streamline your internal ARM efforts by being an extension of your own internal contact center team. Our core focus is on customer satisfaction and positive customer service behavior during all customer interactions. We build a plan and strategy with our clients to help manage and maintain high standards around quality and optimal performance. Your customers are a valuable asset to your business and our goals is to resolve existing financial issues while making sure they remain your customer for the long term. We want to help our clients achieve customers for life in every interaction…every day.

CCI can create customized inbound and outbound campaigns that align with your goals and objectives. We can help you to reduce overall staffing costs by utilizing state of the art technology and streamlined operational approaches driven to optimize performance. Quality, Security and Compliance are paramount in our approach and are pillars in our strategy as we build out a plan to support every program, no matter the size or scope.

As an extension of your internal call center teams, CCI can assist our clients with a diverse range of first party ARM services.

Care to Cure

Take a customer service approach to help newly delinquent accounts resolve early issues and “cure to current” helping them avoid falling into the next stages of treatment and keeping cash flowing on time.

Early Stage Collections

Focus on that next level of debt with a strategic approach using letters and calls to help customers get back in the current bucket and back on the road to being current. All done in the clients name and in the first party.

Pre-Charge Off Collections

A series of final first party attempts to help customers get current prior to being charged off and moved to a 3rd party treatment state. We apply a series of time tested treatments including letters and calls.

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