Third Party Debt
Recovery Services

Our economy is built on the premise that those who provide credit for goods and services have the expectation of being repaid. CCI has the experience and technology to accommodate any size recovery program – from early out to primary, secondary, tertiary, and late stage debt – in a compliant and efficient manner. We will increase your cash flow while protecting your brand and your customers.

Third party debt recovery services

Using leading edge technology and highly trained staff, CCI will design a custom program to fit your needs. Whether the program involves lettering, auto, or agent calls, we will analyze communication channel preferences and behavior trends to have pleasant, effective communication that will improve your customer’s experience and drive them to action.

Our positive approach will provide positive results for you and your customers.

Early Out Programs

CCI knows it’s better for you to reach your customers early in the delinquency stage before the debt gets out of control. We also know it can be difficult for you to accomplish this task internally. CCI can help you cure more accounts, reduce internal costs, and make better use of your resources.

Our staff will educate your customers and assist them in meeting their obligations. They are trained to listen and be empathetic while resolving accounts both quickly and efficiently.

Primary, Secondary, & Tertiary Placements

Post charge off debt. These days it is a constant challenge to every industry and every customer. The regulatory landscape is ever changing and your customers are more educated than ever before. You need a partner that not only adheres to both the letter and the spirit of the law but exemplifies the ethical commitment necessary to drive superior performance.

Our customized, operational approach and strategic account management improve the effectiveness of collection efforts. We recognize that the older the debt gets the more specialized skills are required. Being able to monitor and analyze data in real time will assist you in achieving maximum netback. Strict adherence to industry standards and guidelines are key.

Late Stage Receivables – RADAR

Late stage collections target delinquent accounts from one to seven years old and even accounts past their statute of limitations where permitted. The late stage service utilizes CCI’s technology, RADAR, to increase collections performance and agent productivity.

CCI’s RADAR process constantly monitors a number of data depositories, including those at the major credit bureaus and within the banking system, for any signs that might indicate a consumer has experienced a positive credit event. For example, if a consumer purchases a new home or is approved for a new credit card, these actions may indicate that the debtor’s ability or willingness to pay has favorably changed. RADAR monitors the external databases without ever affecting the consumer’s credit rating on a daily basis. If it returns with a hit the account is flagged and a 120 day, client specific, collections process is initiated. The process starts with verifying whether the account is workable and finding the right party contact. Based on the type of credit event, demographic data and account history, the account is placed in the appropriate workflow. Different letters, call scripts, and other collection tactics have been specifically developed for late stage collections to dramatically improve performance.

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