Smart Grid

Fortune favors the bold.  The utility industry is changing rapidly.  CCI can help you reach your vision of the future and harness the power of your data, technology, and people. For almost a century, CCI has empowered utilities to improve operations.  We are a leading smart grid partner in the ongoing effort to upgrade existing systems and enable more efficient and reliable distribution of power.

Every day CCI helps our utility clients connect their customer’s data to the smart grid.  We have a proven track record in AMI deployments and associated smart grid.  Our project teams help you improve efficiency, conserve resources, increase safety and reliability, and improve customer satisfaction through technology and innovation.  At CCI we help you become a more insightful utility allowing the realization of the full potential of the smart grid.

Utility field services
Electric - meter reading & meter services


  • AMI Meter Replacement/Exchange
  • Turn Key Deployment Services
  • Project Management and Consulting
  • HAN Devices
  • Demand Response
  • Communication Nodes
  • Bucket Truck Support & Line Work
  • High Voltage, T-Rated, and Polyphase Support
  • Hard to Access Solutions
Natural gas - meter reading & meter services

Natural Gas

  • ERT/Module Install, Retrofit, & Replacement
  • Meter Replacement/Upgrade
  • Turn Key Deployment Services
  • Project Management & Consulting
  • Field Deployment Services
  • Field Meter Exchanges & Retrofits
  • Work Order Mangement System (WOMS)
  • Inventory Management Solutions
Water - meter reading & meter services


  • ERT/Module Install, Retrofit, & Replacement
  • Meter Replacement
  • Turn Key Deployment Services
  • Project Management & Consulting

CCI is your trusted partner on your path to becoming a smarter, more connected utility. We understand the benefits of leveraging technology and we embrace the newest smart grid solutions.

CCI develops customized strategies for each Smart Meter Project to meet the specific needs of our gas, electric, water or combo utility clients. Our experienced project leadership team has successfully completed numerous projects with various challenges – offering lessons learned across a diverse set of conditions.

The integrated, multi-linguistics Call Center functionality along with a proven “Hard to Access” program has allowed CCI to obtain high levels of new meter installation saturation percentages. CCI has been called in on several occasions to finish more challenging deployments and numerous clients have benefited from CCI’s high installation percentages and limited RTU volume.

The combination of proven leadership, best practices, and a fully approach has allowed CCI to successfully install millions of Smart Meters with all major AMI Solution Providers, Meter Manufactures and Utility Clients.

98% minimum installation completion rate

Millions of smart meters installed

“Our success in our Smart Grid AMI program would not have been possible without the teamwork and the commitment of both companies. What the CCI team pulled off in the final four months was just short of amazing. And most importantly of all, CCI performed the meter install work with ZERO recordable injuries!!! At our company, more important than meeting any installation targets, is performing the work SAFELY. And we are proud to have a partner like CCI that understands this same importance. Never once did they sacrifice safety in order to meet the installation goals.”

Manager, Smart Grid – Large IOU

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