Safety does not happen by accident. CCI’s continuous process of training, performance management, and quality assurance is key to our safety and overall success as a company.

Safety and security

Every company gets the employee behavior they deserve and the level of procedure adherence it insists on. Our safety culture is evident in our people and our results. We insist on it.

CCI is committed as an organization to safe operations while in the field. Nothing else matters on any project unless we operate safely. This is a responsibility to our employees and the community that we serve. We understand the risks associated with the job and have the processes in place to drive safety.

Safety training is mandatory for each employee. We have OSHA-certified management conduct all training within the proper specifications. All field employees are thoroughly trained on general safety slips, trips, and falls, concepts of electric and gas service, technical job safety, STAR principle, PPE, tool safety, customer interaction and hostile customer procedures, driver safety, dog bite prevention, energy theft and diversion, and fence procedures.

“I want to commend CCI for using the STAR principle. While at an address for a termination of service, CCI meter technician smelled gas and he immediately applied the STAR principle and contacted his dispatcher. All procedures were followed and the CCI meter technician remained at the site for safety reasons until we arrived. This is excellent focus and observation of surroundings, a good catch, quick response and great job alerting us of a potential safety hazard.”

Supervisor, Field and Credit Collections

Best Practices

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