Call Center Solutions

For more than 90 years, CCI has provided a full range of first and third party contact center solutions to help you manage your most valuable customer interactions.  From our customer relationship management solutions to our robust debt recovery services, we have the solutions and experience to help you achieve maximum satisfaction and results.

A vector representing call center services

At CCI, we combine state of the art technologies with highly trained team members who make it a priority to become experts on your brand and culture. Your valued customers are CCI’s priority and become our mutual clients. Our goal is to make every interaction pleasant and effective while never losing sight of the overall customer experience. Our third party collection and debt recovery services allow CCI to connect with your customers in the manner they feel most comfortable. We work with our clients to establish a game plan that drives success, but never loses focus on the customer and the regulations we must mutually adhere to along the journey.

Industries Served

CCI supports a variety of industry verticals including energy and utilities, telecommunications, financial services, retail and commercial, government services, Healthcare.

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