Contract Callers Goes Live with State-of-the-Art Collection System from Interactive Intelligence

Contract Callers Inc. (CCI), a leading provider of debt collection and call center services in the utility, telecom, financial services, and government sectors, has deployed Interaction Collector (formerly the Latitude software suite) from Interactive Intelligence.

Interaction Collector provides comprehensive payment processing, credit reporting, dispute resolution, workflow and client reporting tools.

“Interaction Collector’s ease-of-use and comprehensive functionality have resulted in faster, more effective debt collection and portfolio recovery,” said LaDonna Bohling, CCI’s vice president of call center operations.
CCI replaced its existing collection system with Interaction Collector after reviewing a variety of other industry-leading collection solutions.

“We selected Interaction Collector because it offered us a multitude of benefits that are customizable to our staff, our processes, our vendors, and most importantly, our clients,” Bohling said. “Interaction Collector has enabled us to accelerate key recovery functions, process analytical receivables data, and always stay within regulatory compliance.”

“The accounts receivable industry is rapidly changing and we’ve purposely built Interaction Collector to enable customers like CCI to thrive in this very competitive environment,” said Daniel Mahon, vice president, ARM sales for Interactive Intelligence. “CCI has done a great job exploiting the flexibility of our software and we applaud them for continuing to get in front of the technology curve for the benefit of its clients.”

CCI uses Collector for its collection agents located at the company’s multiple call centers in Augusta, Georgia.


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